Solution for DigitalSublimation system




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Model: EP1
Size : A5 oven
Tray : 1 Level

Takes A5 Film
Manages Individual order
Standard or Custom made jig for mounting


Model: EP2
Size : A4 oven
Tray : 1 Level

Extended version of EP1
Takes either A4 or 2 X A5 Film
Manages couple order
Available on Mini-tablet and eReader jigs

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Model: EP3
Size : A3 oven
Tray : 2 Levels

Takes A3 Film
Manages Max 8 order simultaneously
Independent Tray for different combinations
Suitable for product with irregular shape, like cup, bowl, mouse etc

Model: EP30
High production machine
Size: ANSI C film

Six tray operation
Unique roll-out/ roll-in shuttle system
Full color touchscreen control
Network capability for setting data
large range of support jigs (custom)

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