Industrial Machinery for : Finishing, Bonding and Transfer Printing  

Fifty years engineering experience. More than ten thousand customers in seventy countries worldwide. Our success story, in numbers.

A world leading maker of machines for a variety of manufacturing sectors - most importantly, textiles - the history and success of Monti Antonio has been built on two essential pillars: thorough and continually updated knowledge of the market, and first rate customer care provided by a steadily expanding sales and service network.

With 50 years engineering experience and over 10.000 customers in more than 70 countries worldwide, the company plays a role of importance second to none in the sectors of textile and rigid substrate bonding and coating, transfer printing, finishing, and knitwear generally.

Customised: Customer will always find Monti Antonio willing to cooperate on the design of Customized Production Lines to meet particular requirements. Special infeed and outfeed solutions.