Sensient Pigment Ink (Switzerland)

Elvajet PE500 (code: TW-TI-SPE)
- perfectly fit all printers based on Epson DX4, 5, 6 &7

Elvajet PY570 (code: TW-TI-SPY)
- specially conceived to bring optimal results for printers
with Kyocera printheads. This is a true and unique
solution for Kyocera users.

Elvajet PK550 (code: TW-TI-SPK)
- suitable for printing onto cotton for most large format
printers using Konica Minolta printheads.




Textile Ink
solution for different textile materials, supply the brilliantand stable color product with smooth performance without
clogging or banding.









Applications : Home Furnishings and Decprative Fabrics