Complete production worflow solution for customised sports gartments teamwear
from Teahway Technology.
Now you can do Roll-to-Roll inkjet Printing and then Roll-to-Roll fabrics transfer
with our Monti Antonio Calendar transfer machine. Follow by our latest addition
of FB-18100 Contour Cut laser for Roll-to-Roll fabrics die cutting.

Features :
* Auto registration mark recognition system
* Precise auto-cut within 1-2mm
* Roll-to-Roll continuously cut production
* Upto to 120 pieces of garments per hour
* Can accept elastic fabrics


LASER POWER OPTIONS 50 Watts, 100 Watts, 200 Watts
HEIGHT 1025mm (40.3”)
WIDTH 2460mm (96”)
DEPTH 1260mm (49.1”)
MAX ROLL WIDTH 1980mm (77.2”)
MAX CUT WIDTH 1850mm (71.1”)
WEIGHT 490kg
CUTTING BED TYPE Steel honeycomb conveyor








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