Digital Industrial Printing Solutions
UV priniting . sublimation printinig . direct texitile printing
  Techway specialty is providing turnkey large format Digital Industrial Printing Solutions. We have many years of experience in helping companies which has a proven established traditional printing operations to move into digital printing and have also installed many printing systems into companies that have had no previous experience in neither traditional and had directly moved onto digital printing.
  Whilst every large format system has similarities, we treat each large format print system uniquely. It is tailored to the individual customer's requirement, taking into account factors such as their end products, production capabilities and requirements, projected growth location and experience.
  Due to stringent governmental regulation on environmental and health issue digital printing solution had proved to be the most eco friendly way of printing. If also offer a lower cost of initial capital investment and require less floor space.
  Over the years we have installed systems for printing a multitude of end products, such as: tables clothes, upholstery textiles, bar runners, floor masts, fashion garments, sportswear, machine dials, car interior parts, metal signage, ceramic murals, printed ribbons, interior decoration items, window blinds, wall canvases, tapestries, swimwear, soft signs, exhibition graphics, flags, banners, carpet and much more.

. Sportswear & Garment sublimations

. Carpet, floor mats and bar runners sublimations

. Upholstery textile

. Metallic

. Tiles, Glass and ceramic

. 3D sublimation

. Snowboard, ski & wakeboar