Mass Production Setup
  In a environment where it is possible that all equipments will be running at full non-stop 24/7 a day it is the refer essential to create our efficiency work flow environment, where it is possible to change ink while the printer is printing, and printed images are instantly dries as it rewinds. All these is important to cater for a mass production set up.

Bulk-Ink feeder design to give constant ink pressure within the delivery system. Available in 4 color or 8 color configuration. Offer on intreupited operation during ink changes.

J-teck Bulk Ink Feeding System
  * This system is compatible to all : Mimaki, Roland, Mutoh and Epson printers.
  Our Jumbo media feeder & take-up system is design to give maximum productivity and minimum interruption during media changes. While it is common to have paper roll size of 120m to 150m length paper it is also possible that in order to reduce cost, a paper master jumbo roll of up to 3000m can be loaded into the printing system.
Jumbo Roll Media Feeder & Take up system