Dye Sublimation Transfer Paper
ColorDot . Transjet
  Transfer paper is a crucial part at the sublimation transfer process. Techway offer transfer papers with superior image sharpness with high ink release and compatibility for all types at substrates and fabrics.
  TransDot Sublimation Transfer Paper - 100gsm with high-tack Reloase paper
  • Available width 17" - 62"
  • length 100M

  • paper weight 100gsm

  Product Description

TransDot with TAC a high-release dye sublimation paper designed to adhere to fabric during the heat transfer process eliminating ghosting issues caused paper shifting or fabric shrinkage. TransDot with TAC is ideal for sportswear, garment, and flag manufacturers. Manufacturers using flat bed heat presses will also benefit from the TAC as it eliminates issues such as "floating" when the heat press is opened.

DotTrans with Tac does not leave any residue on the fabric or in the press after the transfer.

  ColorDot – Adhesive Spray
    The ColorDot adhesive spray offers high adhesion of the transfer paper during the sublimation process. The TAC does not leave any residue on the fabric and it does not dis-color the fabric after the transfer. It works well with most elastic and high shrinkage fabrics.
  Cham - TransJet sublimation Transfer Paper
  TransJet 831 coated sublimation paper is available for waterbased ink. Offer high transfer rate, good drying time, high line sharpness, good scratch resistance of printed image.
  Available width : 1.62M

Paper weight : 75gsm, 100gsm

  Transjet 831 - Classic
  Other available TransJet series includes:
  • TransJet Express 837 - 105/130 g/sq.m

  • TransJet Sportsline 931 - 100 g/sq.m

  • TransJet Pro 865 - 150 g/sq.m

  • TransJet sapphire 905 - 140 g/sq.m

  Available width sizes upto 3M wide
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